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Shrimp Platters

Shrimp Platters

A Few Quick Prices*
1 1/2 lb. Platter $38.00
2lb. Platter $49.00
2 1/2lb. Platter $59.50
3lb. Platter $70.00
4lb. Platter $91.00
*these prices do not include sales tax

I can go on for ever with this list of prices but I'd rather just tell you how the prices on shrimp platters work. Ok ready? Here we go:
  1. Multiply the number of pounds of shrimp you want by 21...this is how much the shrimp costs.
  2. Add on 7...this includes the cost of setup, the platter, lemons, cocktail sauce, lettuce, etc...
  3. Figure in Uncle Sam's cut (sales tax) by muliplying by 1.08625
  4. And there you have it. Simple right?

Here Borrow my Calculator

***all shrimp platters are made using our large shrimp...estimate around 25-29 shrimp per pound when calculating your platter...for larger shrimp for your platter see below for specialty platters***

Specialty Platters

So you want a platter with something more than shrimp huh??? Or maybe you´re looking to impress the boss at dinner tonight... Either way we´ll work with you to put what ever type of platter you´re looking for (within reason) together. Here are a few popular items people use on platters:

  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • imitation Crabmeat
  • Jumbo Lump Crab meat (the real stuff)
  • Cocktail Snow Crab Claws

You're probably asking yourself "What´s my personal platter gonna cost?" Well simple... We just figure out the cost of what you're looking to put on a platter, whether it be 2lbs. of shrimp and 2lbs. of cocktail claws or 4lbs of jumbo shrimp or whatever, and add $7 (this covers setup,the platter, the cocktail sauce, lemons, etc.). We Take that number and multiply it by 1.08625 (sales tax), and there you go. You can find our store number on the left menu to call us for pricing on specialty platters, as i don´t expect you to know our prices on special items.

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