How to make easy custard

In my darkest and fat dreams, I always think of pastries filled with custard. So, here I bring you the recipe.

To convince us that this will be an easy recipe, let's keep this in mind: the pastry cream is prepared with only 5 ingredients (at least the recipe of base). They are: sugar, egg, starch (flour or cornstarch), milk and a fifth ingredient for perfuming.

How is the pastry cream easy and economical?

Well, that is what we are going to see now: how to prepare this basic recipe for baking, which is part of so many cakes and desserts.

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Homemade custard recipe

Explanation, step by step, to get a quick custard and without errors.You have to stir them and let them boil.
  • After the liquid breaks to a boil, you have to take the pot out of the fire.
  • We let the milk rest, while in a blender add egg yolks with sugar and cornstarch. You have to beat until you get a homogeneous cream. The shake can also be done manually, but of course, it will involve much more work.
  • Once the egg mixture is fully integrated and homogeneous, it will be poured into the milk that was left to rest. You have to perform this process while you milk, without stopping. The thread of the egg mixture should be dropped little by little. In this way, both will be integrated gradually.
  • After having mixed all the ingredients, you have to warm them up again. We will do this with a minimum fire and making sure to stir without stopping. As the cream warms up, it will get thicker, which will give us the final texture of this recipe.
  • After obtaining the thickness point of the cream, we can remove it from the fire.
  • Let it rest so that it cools down. This without putting it directly into the refrigerator, since sudden changes in temperature can damage the composition of the milk.
  • Another precaution to take is to avoid dehydration of the cream. For this, you have to let it rest covered. The easiest solution is to cover the container with plastic food wrap paper.
  • Tips for a cream homemade pastry without errors

    • The stages of shake are key. If the recipe says that you should not stop beating, well, you should not stop doing it. Another key moment is the incorporation of cornstarch. It is essential that this ingredient is perfectly mixed, or the consistency of the cream will be lumpy.
    • Although this is explained in the recipe, I will repeat it. The integration of the mixture of eggs and the other milk mixture should be done little by little (but really, very little by little) and without stopping to stir. If not, there is a significant risk that the egg mixture begins to curdle.
    • Some people add butter at the end of the preparation of the cream, to reinforce the texture and flavor. If you want to do it, add a couple of tablespoons right at the end of the recipe, after removing the hot, thick pastry cream from the heat. You just have to make sure you mix what is necessary so that it is perfectly integrated into the cream.

    How to perfume the homemade custard?

    For this recipe we have used the vanilla extract, but there are other ingredients that can be used to flavor the cream:

    • Orange flower extract
    • Orange skin gradation
    • Grated lemon peel
    • Cinnamon

    Pastry cream without milk

    There are always those who are not lovers of dairy products, and for we have this variant of the pastry cream recipe.

    The secret is quite simple: replace the milk with the same amount of water.

    The consistency will not be exactly the same, but It looks pretty good and can be given the same use.Better let's go on cooking, and of course, eat.